October 1, 2011

Accolades for debut recital at the 5th Epidaurus Festival in Cavtat


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In a number of diverse music festivals along the Croatian Adriatic, a special place belongs to the Festival at the very south of the country, in the historical region of Konavle and their central and starting point – the ancient town of Cavtat. The authenticity of this picturesque place lies behind its name as it reveals the Latin syntagma ‘Civitas Vetus’ (meaning the old town), that modern Croatian name Cavtat derives from, while its ancient Greek description ‘Epidaurus’ leads to even further and richer history. It is this very name of the archaic Greece period that stands today as the headline of the Festival itself.

In such rich environment and the wealth of heritage, Mihael was particularly honoured by taking part at its 5th edition bringing into it a concept that was carefully designed to reflect the pallet of clarinet standards and oeuvre of the Mediteranian flare, both in the range of classical and contemporary repertoire. This intention, recognized and highly praised by the critics, resulted in the rounded program with performance described as colorful and inspiring, particularly due to Paar’s ability to interpretate wide variety of characters and colors, with the ever-present note of virtuosity of a technically skilled performer. Mihael’s debut recital at the closure tryptich of the Epidaurus Festival was accompanied by the pianist Ivan Pernicki, following the invitation of the artistic director, pianist and poet Ivana Marija Vidović. Photo: Miho Skvrce