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Clarinetist, Producer & Mentor. Founder @ccantilly™ Mozarteum Alumni. D'Addario/BC Artist. 24/7 Learner. Hardly ever standstill. Global

With Pianist Filip Fak Program: Meštrović: Stars Over Budapest Livadić: Nocturno Grgin: Capriccio No. 6 Glojnarić:  Concertino Paar: Ballade Kabiljo: Chagalleska No .1 Lutosławski: Dance Preludes Vlahek: Sonata (3rd mov)

The masterclass is held in late August in Mihael’s hometown of Samobor and spans during a course of a week-time. Known by the name Youngmasters, this meticulously elaborated Summer School & Festival features various programmes for its attendances.   More...

with Ensemble Amistad ICA ClarinetFest 2018 Hommage a Giovanni Cavallin Program: A. Klobučar: Four Miniatures E. Cossetto: Three Characters T. Vidošić: Three Scherzos M. Paar: Little Christmas Fantasy (World Premiere for Clarinet Quartet)

With Camerata Cantilly Mihael Paar, artistic leadership ciklus Osječka glazbena srijeda Program: TBA