April 1, 2016

Concert & Masterclass Schedule for Spring 2016


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Schedule for Spring 2016 – for more details and updates regarding concerts with Camerata Cantilly coming soon. Concerts are supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, POU Samobor and partner organizers.

Apr 6, Samobor – recital with Srebrenka Poljak
May 9, Imotski – masterclass & recital with Domagoj Guščić
May 23, Daruvar – masterclass & recital with Srebrenka Poljak
May 28, Petrinja – with Camerata Cantilly
Jun 18, Samobor – with Camerata Cantilly
Jun 20, Zagreb – with Camerata Cantilly

Presentation of D’Addario Woodwinds Reserve reeds & Buffet Crampon Europe new clarinets are also scheduled during the masterclasses.