July 16, 2005



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Robert Škiljan, editor-in-chief of the SSN Herald, talked to Mihael Paar at the beginning of July 2005 and recorded a very detailed and comprehensive interview in which its protagonist gave his consideration to all relevant aspects of his artistic work. M.Paar inspiringly talks about the disposition of man, the concept of jazz, the relation between classical and entertaining, the digital era and its implications, musical composition, and journalism. A dynamic conversation reveals complex and highly defined attitudes of this young artist whose reflections go into thematically different areas. About the gap between classical and entertaining M.Paar says: “…it is impossible to ignore the quality of the musical being, no matter what genre it comes from”, whereas about himself as a composer he states: “…musical composition meets my other inclination which I as a reproductive musician am not able to respond to adequately.” When it comes to the matter he is being occupied with M.Paar is very explicit: “When I devote myself to something, I devote myself completely, without a compromise, and with all my being. The result of this is my aspiration towards perfection and virtuosity in the widest meaning of the word, so the average always comes too heavily upon me.” In the end he concludes in the spirit of the homo universalis: “I strongly believe that a human being as such should feel called upon to use all his resources as to finally develop his potentials into concrete and articulate skills.” Read the entire interview.