December 14, 2012

Jingle Bells (Little Christmas Fantasy) available on iTunes and Amazon

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Mihael’s first discography project has just seen the light. The late 2011 buzz-maker Jingle Bells was officially released as a single under Dita Entertainment Classical label becoming worldwide available on December 10th 2012 via digital stores exclusively. You can download the debut single from iTunes and Amazon or stream it through Spotify, Deezer and many more. The award winning video of the piece has skyrocketed since and has immediately been featured by Buffet Crampon and Rico official Facebook pages. More than 200 shares and 300 likes were garnished with a set of comments that embodies the blissful and surreal nature of the music and its stagerring performance. Have a look at a few:

‘Jingle Bells will never be the same again!’       

‘Anyone who has ever played, or considered playing, or even heard a clarinet should listen to this!’       

‘Pretty amazing little remake…’       

‘Goes from great to amazing.’       

‘Jingle Bells like you never heard it before. Fantastic!’