It is with great pleasure to announce that Mihael has recently been invited by D’Addario Woodwinds to join their rooster of artists! This acknowledgment came after Mihael’s numerous feats in both clarinet and composing area. His work came into prominence after achieving substantial success on various social media platforms that soon caught eye of D’Addario’s team. First affiliation of the two dates back in late 2012 when D’Addario shared his “must-see” Christmas video on their Facebook page which immediately went viral within the clarinet community.

Being a brand ambasador, Mihael works actively in presenting D’Addario products, especially Reserve line of reeds.  This year alone, he gave several masterclasses discussing the advantages of the Company’s flagship – Reserve Classic. When asked about it, his response was:

“Once I discovered Reserve Classic reeds I have not changed my set up since. They are that good!” On other models he shares the same opinion: “New Reserve and GCS family, especially Evolution, are brilliant in their own way, with their traditional tips and rounded tip corners offering tonal warmth. Due to such a broad scope of products, every clarinetist is destined to find a material matching his set-up and personal style of playing.”

Mihael Paar plays exclusively on Reserve Classic reeds strength 3.5+/4.0 and uses Multi-Instrument Reed Storage Case with Humidity Control Pack. Take a moment to view his artist profile page on the Company’s Official Website. And this is how it all started:

For this recording session, Mihael used Reserve Classic reeds in strength 4.0, which he has deemed “the best reed in the world”