Radio & Television

A vivid exponent of recording process and electronic media, Mihael Paar works closely with Croatian Radio and Television (HRT) producing diverse material tailored for broadcast on television and radio. If tuned to HRT either in the country or abroad by satellite/ internet, you could easily pick up some of the material and get a glimpse of its distinctive production.

In addition, number of concerts by Mihael Paar were recorded by Croatian Radio for documentary purposes, including those with Zagreb String Quartet, Percussionist Nancy Zeltsman and Pianist Hiroyo Imagawa. These normally go on air to accompany a review of the respective event or to underline an interview. Stay tuned!


C. M. von Weber Concerto No. 1 in F minor op. 73 J.114
B. Bjelinski Concerto
B. Potočnik Rondo
M. Kikuchi Big Deer With An Ear for Marimba; Flute; Clarinet; Timpani & Double Bass