July 14, 2013

New website finally available – Key features at a glance


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After long eight years the time has come for new online platform that will host and present mihaelpaar.com. As you read this, you are browsing through the site that was shaped and constructed during the first half of the year and that implements many of today’s must-have social features. The site is fully functional, interactive and filled with loads of new content – either texts, photos or audio/video clips. I truly hope you will enjoy the new homepage and will often come back, as well as leave your feedback or just subscribe to the mailing list. Facebook like page is also integrated and you can use it to shortcut the news from the site as they appear on both locations simultaneously. Twitter, YouTube and Soundcloud also have their share in the site and come hand to hand with each other. Stay tuned for the upcoming multimedia and be sure to check the material that we made on the last photo shooting, arranged specifically for the needs of the site. Some amazing pics emerged! For any additional information you can always contact me directly through contact form, by leaving your comment below or through Facebook. Yours truly, Mihael :)