July 9, 2015

Photo session – new material for the new season


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Having a photo-session can be a fun thing to do. So Thursday the 9th 2015 was a pretty funny day, despite all the hassle on the way. We tried several stylings but one of them really takes the cake – a street performer! The outfit was perfect and I really felt like a busker!
The session was held in Samobor on July 9th with Mr Romano Grozić as a photo director. Hair Salon Zagreb by the name – Salon was incharge to do the – hair (what else:) and Mrs Sunčana Jozić Lučić had an enormous share in the field of make-up, styling and organization.
Make sure to come back soon to check the pics out. You just might end up being surprised when you see them! And I am really looking forward to surprising you :)

Photo director: Romano Grozić (portfolio.hr)
Make-up & Styling: Sunčana Jozić Lučić (GUGABAGA)
Hair: Vintage Salon Zagreb
Outfit: Clocklions, Tommy Hilfiger, Bentley, Koon, H&M, Angelo Litrico, Risa