The Big Day has arrived! My album is OUT!

The Album is called Premiere, it is released by Cantus label and it features completely new repertoire! Pianist Filip Fak has joined me on this ‘long and winding road’ but some of the works have been recorded together with the authors! Jazz virtuoso Matija Dedić and crossover specialist Matej Meštrović are thus listed as my composer-pianist guests! Other works include Concertino by Silvije Glojnarić (brilliant, absolutely first-rate) and Sonata by Bruno Vlahek (major work by any standard). Plus two solo pieces – Silver Bird by Alfi Kabiljo (never has the bird sounded so silverish 🦅) and Capriccio No. 6 by Ante Grgin (‘My best Capriccio’ Ante says👌). Watch this trailer to see how ‘Premiere’ was made –>

Premiere is available on download and streaming services:
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CD is available at the publisher:

Last but not least, listen to my thoughts about the pieces featured on the Premiere –>



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