Selected Quotes

“Mihael Paar – Brilliant and diverse as it gets”


“Smooth sound and polished technique. Unique arrangement”


“Check out what kind of Christmas magic can be made by – a single clarinet”

Željka Vuković,


“His interpretations reflected a fine synthesis of intellectual and rational with a profound artistic gesture”

Dodi Komanov, Croatian Artists Association Herald


“Acoustic and dynamic diversity of themes and phrases with distinctive musicality and technical perfection”

Branka Ban,


“Highest level of chamber musicianship along with technical perfection and virtuosity”

Višnja Požgaj,


“Special guest star was the brilliant young clarinetist Mihael Paar”

Tomislav Levak, The Voice of Slavonia


“Outstanding intonation, superb techinque, great dynamic range”

Snježana Miklaušić-Čeran, Croatian Radio


“His performance drew enthusiastic applause of the audience”

Zlatko Stahuljak, Vijenac


“Lovreglio s Fantasy demanded a great technique and Paar provided an appropriate respond”

Ana Vidić, Croatian Radio


“Mr. Paar treated us with the noble sound of his basset clarinet and with snappy leaps of its extended compass”

Mirta Špoljarić, Vjesnik