December 8, 2015

What a treat! Little Christmas Fantasy was premiered on Thursday December 3rd 2015 in the USA by American Clarinetist Christy Andrews. Check out Christy’s performance preceded by the brief pre-concert talk explaining how she got introduced to my music. Thumbs up!

Also here are some thoughts that Christy shared with us after the performance:

“It is a very challenging piece! It hits the top altissimo notes on the clarinet, and has modern techniques like flutter tonguing, slap tonguing, sort of a beat boxing (air accent), a woodblock like smacking sound, glissando, and pretty much everything but the “kitchen sink!” Or maybe that’s in there too, I don’t remember. Lol! Thanks for listening to the performance! It’s taken me two years to get up the courage to perform it, and I was pretty nervous because I knew it was being recorded. I also didn’t realize I’d be playing this in the lobby with the echo-y effect. That made me have to think a little more on how to pull off some of the sound effects, and I had to take a little more time in spots so that might be heard in that big room…so that was interesting!

It goes to the “super C” as I like to call it. It’s the highest note on the advanced fingering chart I have, probably a whole octave higher then the fingering chart you would get in your band book! It’s not a low stress piece to play because you never know if the reed is going to make the notes in that octave speak correctly every time! This one is a tough piece to play…took me two years to get up the courage to perform it much less record it and post it! … One of the hardest pieces I’ve probably ever played!”

“The piece was a hit! The audience cheered twice as loud for Fantasy versus anything else on the program today. Great piece!”

Congratulations to Christy as she was also the only one who got two bows in before the cheering subsided! While here, have a look at the original video of Mihael’s performance that inspired Christy.