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[sisaccordion][sistoggle title=’LITTLE CHRISTMAS FANTASY FOR CLARINET SOLO’ desc=’Composition summary:
Year: 2011
Difficulty: Difficult (Grade 9)
Duration: 3 minutes
Genre: Classical/Holiday/Jazzy
Instrumentation: Clarinet in B-flat Solo
Versions: Violin Solo, 2 Clarinets, Trio (Clarinet, Bass Guitar & Drum Set)
Release: December 25th, 2013 (MPM 001) by the author via Mihael Paar Store under “Mihael Paar Music“ edition as a portable
document format (PDF)
First Performed: December 23, 2013; Hrvatski dom, Samobor by the Author himself
Credits: Music Video of the recording made by the Author among 10 best Clarinet YouTube videos of 2011 in selection by
Note: Written after ‘Jingle Bells’ (1857) by James Lord Pierpoint (1822-1893)


[sistoggle title=’STORMING SUITE FOR PIANO SOLO’ desc=’Composition summary:
Year: 1999-2001
Difficulty: Difficult (Grade 7)
Duration: 10 minutes
Genre: Modern classical music
Instrumentation: Piano Solo
Release: Unpublished
First Performed: March 21, 2001; HGZ Zagreb, Croatia on March 21, 2001 by the pianist Ivana Štimac

Author about the work: Suite for piano was first conceived in late 1999 and was finally finished in mid 2001. The uniqueness of the piece is revealed by its title, as the work aims to reflect the stages of a creative process in general, but it also does it naturally by itself. Both suggests a programmatic piece, even though under second criteria every piece could be considered as a programmatic one. Creative process as pioneered by reformer Wallas in his Art of Thought (1926) consists of four stages and each of them was allocated a movement in the Storming Suite. For the first stage Preparation (1) the prelude proved to be the most appropriate as it corresponds in large to the preparatory actions such as focusing, monitoring and overviewing. The second movement Romance equals Incubation (2) phase and has a little bridge that lies on the Prelude structurally and musically before the actual Romance starts. Illumination (3) presented through Allegro emerges instantly and decisively, leaving no doubt the solution has started to unfold, while Verification (4) remains brief, based solely on the new ostinato that secures and petrifies the previously reached solution.

‘Storming’ in the title refers to and is shortened from ‘Individual Brainstorming’, a term borrowed from psychology and cognitive science. The piece requires a significant level of technical expertise as well as musical fantasy, notably in the Illumination/Verification and Preparation/Incubation respectively’]

[sistoggle title=’BALADE FOR PIANO SOLO’ desc=’Composition summary:
Year: 2000
Difficulty: Moderate (Grade 5)
Duration: 4 minutes
Genre: Modern classical music
Instrumentation: Piano Solo
First Performed: November 16, 2013; Croatian National Theatre Foyer, Šibenik by pianist Domagoj Guščić
Release: Pending
Credits: 3rd Prize at the International Piano Composition Competition in Barletta in 2005, Italy’][sistoggle title=’ESPRESSIVO E ALLEGRO FOR TWO CLARINETS & BASSOON’ desc=’Composition summary:
Year: 1998-1999
Difficulty: Moderate (Grade 6)
Duration: 10 minutes
Genre: Classical music
Instrumentation: 2 Clarinets in B-flat & Basson
Release: Unpublished
First Performed: October 3, 1999; Samobor Museum, Samobor by the Author himself’][/sisaccordion]


[sisaccordion][sistoggle title=’MILDRED & PATTY HILL: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU’ desc=’Arrangement summary:
Composer: Mildred J. Hill (1859-1916) & Patty Smith Hill (1868-1946)
Year: 2012
Difficulty: Moderate (Grade 4)
Duration: 1 minute
Genre: Classical/Holiday/Jazzy
Instrumentation: 5 Clarinets in B-flat
Release: Pending
First Performed: February 22, 2012; Pavao Markovac School of Music, Zagreb by the Arranger himself
Credits: The audio/video of the arrangement included in the textbook/multimedia package ‘Glazbeni krug 2M’ by the Profil publishing house, Croatia.’][sistoggle title=’FRÉDÉRIC CHOPIN: ETUDE OP.10 NO.2′ desc=’Arrangement summary:
Composer: Frédéric Chopin (1810-1849)
Year: 2009
Difficulty: Difficult (Grade 8)
Duration: 1 minute
Genre: Classical
Instrumentation: Clarinet in B-flat and String Orchestra
Release: Unpublished
First Performed: July 13, 2009, Church of St. Michael, Osijek by the Arranger himself
Note: Conceived as encore piece’][sistoggle title=’WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART: RONDO ALLA TURCA’ desc=’Arrangement summary:
Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)
Year: 2006
Difficulty: Moderate (Grade 6)
Duration: 3 minutes
Genre: Classical/Jazzy
Instrumentation: Clarinet in A & Symphony Orchestra (strings, 2 flutes, 2 horns, 2 bassons)
Release: Unpublished
First Performed: December 23, 2006; Matija Gubec Hall, Stubica by the Arranger himself
Note: Conceived as encore piece’][/sisaccordion]