December 13, 2009

“The climax of the evening was the premiere of the brilliant composition by a Croatian composer Ivana Kiš, written for the basset clarinet & guitar – Rosa’s Way Home, which the author wrote for the two of her coevals. It is a story about a woman who gets lost on her way home and is walking distractedly step by step trying to find the right path. From the initial tones which symbolize frightened pattering, the music associates with panic in progressive gradation, ending in a ritardando accompanied by maniac ostinato in crescendo. The impressive, only six minute piece was masterfully performed.

M.Paar & K.Bedek have reached highest level of chamber musicianship and revealed perfect harmony of their instruments supported by the beauty of tone, technical perfection and virtuosity. Contented audience rewarded the young artists with ovations and in return the encore was a popular Nana by M. de Falla.”


© – Višnja Požgaj, December 13th, 2009



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